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Expert Home Safety is a walk in tub, walk in shower, and hydrotherapy tub installation provider you can trust. Whether you’re a retiree living in Tonawanda, NY wanting to continue living at home and maintaining your independence or a handicapped person who needs assistance in the bathroom, we can provide a solution for you. No need to visit our show room and look at options. Our network of expert contractors can give you a free on-site estimate in Tonawanda, NY. Call us to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.

Walk In Tubs and Showers in Tonawanda, NY help you be safe in your own bathroom

Two thirds of most household accidents occur in the bathroom. As we get older, or have people we love get older, bathroom safety becomes something we start to worry about. Often, family members and caregivers start to Google a solution to their issues.

Bathroom safety is a key issue for elderly people who really want to live out their golden years in the home they’ve lived in all their lives. A safe bathroom may possibly be the difference between independent living and a Tonawanda, NY nursing home. That’s where we can help.

ExpertHomeSafety.com is the Walk In Tub Expert in Tonawanda, NY

Sometimes it can be an intimidating task to find the answers without assistance and people will stop searching. This is where finding a local expert in Tonawanda, NY comes in handy and can make the process more easy and exciting. Having a good experience is a big component of this process and that’s where we can help.

ExpertHomeSafety.com can be a great asset for you because we have found the answers you are trying to find. By enlisting our team of local Tonawanda, NY professionals, we are able to provide you the exact solution to your unique situation. Contact us and we will do an exclusive, one on one consultation and make sure we are able toprovide you with the ideal recommendation for your circumstance.

Helping Seniors and Physically challenged Persons in Tonawanda, NY with Their Unique Needs.

Older people or impaired individuals have different needs and physical limitations so bathroom products and equipment should be adapted to suit their requirements. Discuss your unique situation with our Tonawanda, NY team and they can help ensure that any equipment and facilities can be customized to fit your needs and follow prescribed safety procedures. You will find the results will be worth the effort and help make your bathroom a more safe place.

Can your Tonawanda, NY professionals alter my existing bathtub?

A lot of people in Tonawanda, NY think they can make their bathroom safer through some simple modifications. This can provide a false sense of security. The lack of a slip resistant surface under a chair placed in the shower can cause an unexpected slip. Using a hand held showerhead can provide flexibility but make controlling the hot water flow difficult and risky.

There are, on the other hand, alterations that can be made to your existing Tonawanda, NY bathroom that will make things more safe. We can modify your existing bathtub by making use of a tub cutout. We can take your existing tub and remove a section of it that will allow you to effortlessly step into your tub (instead of stepping over the edge). We could also do a simple conversion of your tub into a shower that would use your existing tub space but enable to you have a stand up/sit down shower instead. Make sure you consider safety and aesthetics together so utilizing the bathroom is a pleasant experience.

If You Live In Tonawanda And Have Mobility Issues, We Can Help.

Our Walk In Tubs and Showers are not specifically for the elderly. People with mobility troubles and physically disabled people can also take advantage of our products. For example, a bathroom safety concern for someone who’s in a wheelchair may be just how to get into the tub.

A slide in tub may be just what you need. With a slide in tub, our doors open directly to the side of a built in seat. You can simply slide from one seated position to a seated position in the tub and close the door. Give us a call and we can discuss a variety of solutions with you.

We Will Work With You To Make Sure Your Walk In Tub Fits in Your Tonawanda, NY Home’s Look And Feel.

Many people who live in Tonawanda, NY are concerned with what a walk in tub might look like in their house. Would it make their bathroom look more unsightly? The look and feel of rooms in your house can affect (either positively or negatively) the value of your Tonawanda home. This is one more reason you need to collaborate with our professional team. We have various products that we can show you that will accentuate any home décor.

Costs for Walk In Tubs and Showers In Tonawanda.

Prices for walk in tubs and showers vary greatly depending upon aesthetics and functionality. Don’t count on Medicaid or Medicare to help with the costs, either. One thing we know for certain, our Tonawanda, NY trained professionals won’t charge you anything to look at your unique situation. After you give us a call, we can give you a more detailed price.

Ready to go?

In the long run, whether or not you want a safer bathroom for you or your loved one living in Tonawanda, NY is a personal decision. ExpertHomeSafety.com is focused on making certain you have the best information you need to make an informed decision. Give us a call today and talk with us about your specific issues.
Our goal is to make your comfort and safety priority one.

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