4 Home Safety Tips for Philadelphia Senior Citizens

Helping Senior Citizens With Dementia

Important Home Safety Tips for Seniors in Philadelphia

If you are a senior citizen and intend on living out your golden years in your forever home, you should check out the home safety tips that CBS Philly discussed recently on their website. The article talked specifically about seniors living with dementia or Alzheimers but the information is good for all senior citizens in general.  For example, one of most dangerous rooms in the house is the bathroom. In their article, they identified 4 key things that every senior citizen (or caregiver for an elderly person) should do immediately. Here’s what they said:

4 Important Tips For Bathroom Safety

  1. Having a portable urinal handy can be useful if you, or a loved one has a tendency to “miss.”  Wet floors are the #1 hazard in the bathroom.
  2. Switch to an electric razor. You may have used a straight razor all your life but, as the manual dexterity starts to fade, it may be time to consider an electric one.
  3. Make sure all bathroom outlets are equipped with GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlets (or are connected to a GFI circuit. This will disable the outlet if it gets wet.
  4. Remove any toxic cleaning supplies that may get confused with medicine or cosmetics.

To see the rest of their recommendations for other rooms in the house, click here to read their article.

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