4 Simple Areas To Greatly Improve The Home Safety Of Your Elderly Parents

Home Caregiver

Are you worried about your senior parents living safely at home? Are you a senior worried about making sure that your home is safe to live in without incident?

Here are some small tips that can allow you to keep in touch with your parents or allow seniors who live alone to make sure safety is taken care of.

Bathroom Safety

There are steps to take to make sure your bathroom is safe. This is an area where many accidents happen but with little efforts this can be avoided.Bathroom Safety through walk in tub installation

Installing a walk in tub or shower is a big step in eliminating accidents. When installing these products the senior is able to avoid stepping up to try to get into the tub. Being able to walk in and sit down to take a bath is very easy and safe. The chance of an accident from having to step up into a tub or slipping from getting out is minimized using these types of products.  You can contact us and work with one of our professional installers to help make this process as simple as possible.

If the senior is handicapped they can install a shower or tub that allows them to enter with ease. Depending on what their handicap is the shower or tub can be designed to accommodate them.    

Kitchen Safety

Step Stools Make Kitchens SaferThis is an area that concerns many as much as bathroom safety. There are many places to address in the kitchen beginning with stove. Getting a timer device put on the stove can make sure that it only runs for a specified period of time.

Having a step stool for high reaches is a must but also making sure the senior has what they need put on the lower shelves along with the device that allows them to reach for higher objects using an extension. Here is an example of such a device you can purchase relatively inexpensively on Amazon.

Kitchen safety is very important and having control over the appliances can be very important and can be done through home automation systems.


Home Automation

DIY Home Automation SafetyMany new home automation systems are not just for security but have versatile add-ons that can keep watch over seniors while they continue to live in their homes.

They have devices that work on smart phones and will notify any individual that has the app on the phone whether an event occurs.

For example:

  • if a senior slips and falls all they have to do is tell the system to call or notify anyone through a text or voice message and they will know if there is a problem.
  • There can be locks put on medicine cabinets or liquor cabinets so the care giver or seniors child or both will be notified.
  • If an electric device is left on it can be turned off from anywhere in the world.
  • Cameras can be installed to let anyone designated to watch the senior and make sure they are safe.
  • Devices can be put on the heater and air conditioner system to notify anyone if there is a problem so the senior does not suffer if something breaks down.

These devices are very inexpensive and can provide in home piece of mind to allow the senior to live stress free in their familiar surroundings. There are DIY [Do It Yourself] systems that you can get and add-on devices as needed.

Total safety

Many seniors are concerned about home safety but since the problems happen slowly they can go unnoticed by the senior. A family member who visits and witnesses the senior having difficulty living in the home, with safety issues, discovers the problems.

Home CaregiverHaving a home care individual visit the home routinely will spot these problems and will notify the children of the seniors, or the proper resources to fix the problems.

Living at home in familiar surroundings is becoming more popular for seniors to maintain a sense of worth. As people are living longer leaving the senior in their home becomes and economic issue since assisted living can be very expensive, maintaining the home is preferred.

Assisted living companies are pricing themselves out of the middle class market so there is really no place to turn to provide quality living for seniors except to continue to live in their familiar surroundings.

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