Spring is upon us, and summer’s coming fast, bringing the heat, the humidity, and the constant shine of the sun. While it may be tempting to stay indoors and relax, there are actually a multitude of fantastic benefits that properly caring for your lawn can bring to you in the hotter months. Instead of letting your lawn grow sparse and brown, with patches of bare dirt and unappealing clusters of weeds, take a few moments to boost your lawn’s health for the best results. Here are five outcomes that you’ll see upon providing your lawn with proper care:

1. Keeping you Cool

Plants in general, including the grassy expanse of a lawn, absorb the heat of the sun throughout the course of a day, and can noticeably cool the area. In fact, a healthy lawn can be up to 14 degrees cooler than an area that’s just dirt or concrete, which can be soothing to bare feet in the summer months while doing outdoor activities. As the surface of a lawn isn’t completely smooth and flawless, light from the sun scatters upon hitting it, which will reduce glare that could add stress on the eyes. It will also help your house; having a healthy lawn surrounding your living area will reduce cooling costs that may rack up from the heat.

2. Improvement of Air Quality

A healthy lawn will help greatly with the quality of air in several ways, including giving off more oxygen than a dwindling lawn would. The grass also acts as a trap for pollen, dust, and other undesirable particles that one might have breathed in otherwise. Having a healthy lawn will make it much more pleasant to breathe during the summer outside your home, which is sometimes difficult from the heat hanging in the air.

3. Reduces Sound

A lawn that’s properly cared for and has a lush spread of grass will greatly reduce the sounds of the neighborhood and beyond, making for a more pleasant summer. The healthy lawn will lower the sound of, for example, a basketball bouncing on concrete, or children loudly playing outdoors, by up to 10 decibels. It’s been shown to do this near highways, absorbing the traffic noise and reducing it by 200%, which creates an easier atmosphere to exist in and go about one’s business.

4. Lowers Allergen Risk

It’s incredibly common for people to be allergic to lawn weeds such as ragweed and sagebrush that suddenly come up in the spring and stay on through the summer. Luckily, keeping your lawn healthy can provide a sharp reduction in such weeds – thick and lush grass will crowd out the pesky weeds, and provide, as stated above, less of an allergic reaction and superior air quality. The lack of itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose will improve your summer experience right away, and regular lawn maintenance is the prime way to achieve that.

5. Less Overall Stress

Having more overall greenery and natural elements around you, especially in this age of screens and constant intake of information, has been shown to decrease stress and promote relaxation. A healthy, lush lawn is an excellent source of greenery, and maintaining that will ensure you reap benefits such as a more restful sleep, an overall feeling of calm, and a better proccessment of your emotions and potentially negative thoughts. It can also help with physical pain, with medical professionals even going so far as to have art of nature in offices. Your healthy lawn will put you in a better mood, increasing productivity in all aspects of your life and providing a respite for a mind that may be overactive from all the technology. Author Bio: Sarah works for YourGreenPal and she loves writing on Garden and lawns.