Having a home is obviously is a must but to keep it up to date and in trend, with the home décor of the year is up to the homeowner. It is important that the interiors of the house are well done and that the flooring, roof, false ceiling, almirahs are all aesthetic and stylish so that when the house warming party is done, the guests are awestruck and in admiration of the style.

When home décor comes in mind one of the most important parts of it is the kitchen and the dining area, where food is eaten and made as well as the area which is accessible and visible to most of the guests that visit the house.

Precision Stone Design

One might wonder what is precision stone design, to put it in words it is a new trend, started by a young company, merely a start-up, that provides various countertops for the kitchen, the dining area, bathroom and where -ever else it is needed, according to the client.it is made out of fabricator natural and engineered stone, which can be customized as well for the requirements and satisfaction of the client.

The countertops can be stone, marble or also porcelain according to the personal choice and budget of the buyer. Before installation one can easily visit the site for some custom designs and already installed precision stone design, portfolios for an idea. They may also come to the showroom or call a company representative to them, who will provide them with 3D samples of available counter tops, from granite, marble to quartz or even engineered stoned, which can be customized. These tops can be used as fireplace counter tops, edge countertops to make a sort of side table effect in the living area or even the bedroom, sinks and faucets of the bathroom or even the kitchen.

The possibility of its usage is endless, and it can be used when and where, just as hoe the customer likes, circle, square, rectangle or any other fancy shape.

Once the stone has been chosen, a rough design can be made and shown in 3D as well to help the client visualize in real and feel the effect of it in real time. This helps them be more creative and less area of mistake in workmanship.

Technology is used and embraces in all stages of sales and production as well, with laser machines that are used to cut the stones into the precision stone design, also used is CNC water jet to get that clean and sharp look and bridges & CNC, fabricator. The prices are very competitive and increase, from granite to quartz precision stone design. It is eco-friendly and no harm to the environment is done in the process of its making in production. Very customer friendly and can be changed to the whims and fancies of the client. Delivery is always on time and the company takes pride in that the most.