Smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs – everything seems to have a smart embedded to its names nowadays. But have you ever heard of smart homes?

There’s no arguing that our world is constantly changing through time. With all the latest advancements in the technology today, it’s no surprise that people are constantly on the look-out for inventions that could make life a little more convenient. Today, you can now have total control over your appliances with just one touch even if you’re away from home.

How iZone Can Improve Your Life

iZone is an automated control system that has recently caught the interests of people all over the world. It turns your home into a smart home where you can have control on almost all your household devices including your air conditioner, lights, and even your garden’s water system. With just one touch you may be able to control your AC’s thermostat, turn off or dim your lights, and even turn on the sprinklers in your garden.

The iZone system works to give you a cutting edge technology that’s not just convenient but also secure. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

  1. Have Full Control of the System No Matter Where You Are

One of the great things about iZone is that you can have control even when you’re not inside the house. As long as you have 4G or WiFi, you can control the operation of your household appliances. Think about it, with iZone, you can close the garage door without going out of your car and even turn off or adjust your air conditioner’s thermostat from work.

  1. Less Energy Use

The lights alone consume about 30% of every home’s energy. But as long as you’re connected to the WiFi, you can cut the operating costs by turning it on or off anytime you want with just one touch. You can also set a routine on your iZone tablet and have your lights turn on and off whenever you want. This alone can take off a huge load off the homeowner’s shoulders.

The smart system of iZone is also designed to handle a home’s most energy consuming system, the heating and cooling. Whether you’re grocery shopping or at work, you can automatically turn the heat up when you are out and adjust it back to a cooler temperature when you’re headed home.

  1. Less Water Consumption

Some homes also have irrigations that need a constant water supply. With an automated control system, homeowners can take control of the amount of that would be used in your landscape. For instance, you can stop your water from running and delay it to the next watering day if it happens to rain on the day that you’re scheduled to water your lawn.

iZone solely focuses on the making the systems in your house work efficiently. In fact, the director of iZone specifically said that the product intends to make the life of the users easier and help the people overcome a home’s high maintenance cost. The latest technology that iZone uses ensures that the users would be experiencing a futuristic innovation that can lead to the improvement of life.