Benefits of a Hydrotherapy Tub

Many people come to us looking for a walk in tub but, as we’re explaining the options, the idea of a hydrotherapy tub really piques their interest. Walk in tubs are built for safety and independence but if you invest in a hydrotherapy tub, you can get all the benefits of a walk in tub with many additional features.

Hydrotherapy TubHydrotherapy means, in simplest terms, water therapy. It’s the use of water to provide therapeutic relief to different aliments you may have. Many people find hydrotherapy helps them improve their quality of life in many ways. Here are some of the many benefits of a hydrotherapy tub.

1. Pain Relief and Reducing Muscle Tension

Soaking in water provides you a sense of weightlessness. This helps to reduce tension in the arms and legs while providing support for aching muscles. Moving under water is much easier and helps exercise the muscles without the stress of doing it on land. In addition, hydrotherapy can stimulate the release of natural endorphins which will further reduce muscle soreness.

2. Injured Muscle Rehabilitation

Soaking in a tub of hot water raises your body temperature.  This, in turn, increases blood flow throughout the circulatory system.  This increased blood flow helps heal injured tissues and repair damaged joints and muscles.

3. Boosts the immune system

While the increased blood flow helps to repair damaged muscles and joints, it also causes an increase in circulation of white blood cells.  These white blood cells carry lymph (a fluid used by the immue system that collects and gets rid of unwanted materials from the body).  This causes a strengthening of the immune system and helps you fight colds and illness.

4. Encourages detoxification

Hot baths encourage the body to sweat.  This is your primary method of eliminating toxins through the skin.  The bubbling and moving water also provides aeration to the skin which further helps the process.

5. Relieves stress

Hydrotherapy also has been shown to reduce blood pressure caused by unusually high stress levels.  It is also thought to slow down the body’s reaction to anxiety through the release of endorphins (which are a natural stress reliever).

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